Explore the little world of “Granola Tempest”!

I made this a while ago, but never got around to posting it.

It was mostly just to see what game making was like… :I

You might need the Unity Web Player plugin to run the game.

Or, you can download the standalone versions below!

Move with WASD
Look around with mouse
Toggle flashlight with F key
Open doors by clicking
Free cursor with ESC key


Standalone versions:





  1. Tommy

    There’s no linux version! D:
    I don’t know how much work it’d be to make a standalone linux version, so it might not be worth it for this little project, but without it I can’t really play! (There’s no Unity Web Player available for linux). I tried to run the Windows version through wine but didn’t have much luck. So just a request not to forget about linux <3

    • DeadlyComics

      OK, Linux version added! I’m not able to test it ’cause I don’t have a Linux computer, so I hope it works! ^^

      • Tommy

        Wow thank you so much! Unfortunately it seems to be missing the data folder! “There is no data folder” I tried using the one from the Windows download but as could be expected that didnt work very well “Unable to load mono library from /home/barthisius/Downloads/tempestLINUX_Data/Mono (x86)
        Failed to load mono” So I’m not really sure how it is working with Unity, but if there’s any help I can provide to getting it working besides just testing it, let me know o3o

        • DeadlyComics

          OK, I think I figured it out….
          I forgot to add the data folder…. :|
          Try it now! https://www.mediafire.com/?159yqa1vnzc93zg

          • Tommy

            ahh, haha. that would certainly be why it was missing :P
            it works now! <3 (though im having this weird issue where my mouse is continually going up.. that might just be for me though)
            and if you were trying to scare me YOU HAVE SUCCEEDED.

  2. Jan

    Holy shit, did you do all of that by yourself? That was awesome, what can you not do?
    I loved the museum with your art :3